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Product Code : 17
Product Description

"Supraclean" is  specially stabilized mild halogenated hydrocarbon  and ISO Paraffinic Hydrocarbon  formulated by M/s. Supraveni  Chemicals  Pvt. Ltd., This solvent is suitably blended with Degreasing Solvents stabilizers to give customer assurance of consistent and quality decreasing product. Our company is an ISO 14001 : 2004 & 9001 : 2008 certified company

"Supraclean" is a Clear, Colorless, non flammable liquid, which has been proven to be an effective and efficient solvent for a wide range Oils, greases and other contaminates found in the engineering Industry.

Many studies into the toxicological and environmental profiles of this solvent have been carried out leading to the conclusion that "Supraclean" can be used safely and effectively in industrial applications.

"Supraclean" is not regulated by the protocol Covering substances that deplete the ozone layer such as 111 Trichloro Ethane and Carbon Tetrachloride . "Supraclean" may offer and answer for liquid degreasing applications .

The material can be used as a pre treatment chemical for degreasing the metal surface prior to electroplating , painting , chromate conversion coating , anodizing and other chemical conversion treatment . It has excellent solvent power & it is non flammable .

Advantages And Benefits
Strong cleaning liquid good penetration , quick evaporating without any residue .

Mode Of Application
Brush or swab the product on the surface to be cleaned & allow it to dry at room temperature

The product data reflect the state of engineering know-how and results of extensive studies and practical application . This information is only indicative . No direct or indirect liabilities are accepted.